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ISA District 14

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Hands on Training (HOT)

The biggest challenge facing the ISA District 14 and the associated economies in the days to come is unemployment. Our focus is on engineering careers, especially Automation which is now affecting not only the industries but also daily life as in Smart Cities, homes and public buildings. For this domain theoretical study imparted in educational institutions alone is grossly insufficient. Hands-On Training (HOT) is essential.

While there are several technical institutions churning out engineering graduates, their employability is very low. Difficulties are also being faced by professionals in the areas of fast changing high-tech skills requiring 2 or more serious career changes during overall work tenure and hence need quick and effective reskilling. One critical reason for the employability gap is the lack of HOT on the most modern manufacturing equipment.

While the educational institutions can provide lab environment for teaching basic sciences, they are unable to keep up with the upgradation required for fast evolving modern Technology. Many third-party Technical training institutions have sprung up to bridge this gap and are witnessing a good enrollment rate. However, they are unable to justice to the investments made by the candidates since they are also unable to keep up with the investments needed for the latest HOT equipment.

Many captive HOT facilities typically remain significantly underutilized. ISA D14 proposes ‘Aggregation’ of all such spare HOT resources and connecting them with those in need.

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