Train the Trainer for IEC 62443 ISA announces recipients of 2018 author awards

ISA District 14

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Steps to Join ISA

  • At the end of these guidelines click on the ‘NEXT’ button to proceed to register. You will be transferred to the ISA Main website.
  • Click on ‘JOIN ISA‘ to start the process of registering and follow the prompts.
  • The next screen shows options for Professional and Student memberships.
  • Register with your email ID.
  • When Prompted to select a Section choose one closest to you.
  • If you are becoming a member of a formative section, choose a section that was recommended during your introductory meeting.
  • Later you can transition to your own newly formed section when it is chartered by the ISA.
  • Note: Registration using a laptop or desktop is recommended as opposed to a mobile phone.
  • Payment of the fee is possible through any Credit/Debit card authorized for foreign exchange transactions.
  • Keep your Debit/Credit card handy and then proceed.